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Advantages of mid-week weddings

1. Save money on your venue

One of the largest expenses when wedding planning is the venue. Monday to Thursday are commonly considered to be non-peak days in the wedding industry, so venues will often offer better rates or enticing incentives if you choose to have your wedding on one of these days.

2. Vendor and venue availability

Considering most weddings are held on Fridays and Saturdays, vendors and venues usually book up on those days first. So if you decide to choose with a mid-week slot instead, you will have access to a great amount of venues and vendors. This is also important if you’re planning a wedding with a shorter timeline. Your favorite venue may not have weekend availability at late notice, but it probably will have weekday availability.

3. Cheaper guest accomodation prices

Having the wedding on a weekday would mean that guest accomodation is cheaper and more accessible. Similarly, the cost of airfare would be reduced if you are planning a destination wedding

4. Money saved can be spent on personal touches

Money saved on expenditure such as the venue can be redirected towards adding special personal touches that are meaningful to both you and your guests

5. More intimate and relaxed

Weddings held mid-week are typically smaller in size because it’s more challenging for guests to make themselves available. However, this can be a positive as you get to prioritise who you what with you on your big day

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